Bligh Knocked the Wind Out of Yasi

Now, even Terry Sweetman agrees! (See my previous post about Premier Anna Bligh and her exemplary leadership throughout QLD’s horrendous and lethal difficultes of the past months.)

Sweetman – not exactly a ‘bed-wetting, lefty-liberal nancy-boy’ – eloquently vents his spleen and praises Bligh’s leadership in this piece in today’s Sunday Mail about whingeing Queenslanders for whom nothing is ever good enough – either Bligh and her cronies are phonies because Cat 5 TC Yasi was a fizzer and everyone over-reacted, or not enough was done to protect the know-it-alls who refused to heed the evacuation warnings and then griped because emergency services couldn’t get to them.

Labor in QLD is decrepit and all-but used up; but leadership is leadership and it is heartening to see the likes of Sweetman give credit – and a swift kick – where it is due.


~ by Garry on February 6, 2011.

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