Kevin McCloud’s 43 Principles of Home

What an extraordinary book. Not surprising really, as it is the product of the extraordinary designer/engineer’s mind and optimist/ethicist’s heart of Kevin McCloud.

This sprawling 390 page, hardcover book ranges entertainingly across design, philosophy, lifestyle, science, technology, history and architecture and is lavishly supplied with beautiful photographs and McCloud’s own hand-drawn illustrations.   It would serve equally well as a ‘coffee table’ curiosity (considerably more substantial than those ephemeral Better Homes and Gardens magazines) as it would a credible philosophical treatise on happiness, beauty, social and environmental ethics, shopping and the meaning of life!

McCloud, a self-styled ‘eco-mentalist’, has managed to successfully stitch together into a sort of coat-of-many-colours his experiences of slum dwelling in India; his passion for socially enriching, energy-efficient eco-housing in Swindon; and his broad knowledge of design, engineering and architecture. The stitching is a bit ragged around the edges in places, and some of the materials are reclaimed, recycled and home-mended; but inspite of (because of) that, the overall garment is uniquely marvellous.

In a future post, I will tease you with a few of my favourites of his 43 principles…


~ by Garry on February 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Kevin McCloud’s 43 Principles of Home”

  1. Sounds like a good’un. I’m a fan of Grand Designs, and managed to catch part of McCloud’s doco on slum dwelling in India, so once I get through my unread pile of books I’ll have a go at this one.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. goodonya, Justin.
    I’m going to list some of McCloud’s 43 principles in a future post as I reckon there are some gems amongst them.
    I like GD also, not least because of McCloud’s perspectives on things – which is why, I think, GD Australia is so soul-less. The presenter makes all the difference.
    McCloud is a fascinating individual – a bit of a genius perhaps.

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