Behind Every Successful…Man/Woman?

They used to say (in those lazy, hazy, crazy dayz of male superiority) “behind every successful man there stands a good woman”. US President Harry S Truman used to say that “behind every successful man there stands a supportive wife and a surprised mother-in-law”!

Annabel Crabb wrote an interesting opinion piece this week for the ABC’s ‘The Drum’ in which she suggested that successful women are more able to get that way when they have a supportive ‘wife’ behind them.

As the male of the household, I found this interesting.

Tonight, while ironing as I watched Grand Designs (ok, I admit I am pathetic…I iron the minimum number of clothes possible and I just can’t iron at all without watching something interesting on tv while I am doing it) I couldn’t help feeling a ‘moment’ as I stood admiring the logo on Tamara’s uniform.

I am not proud of everything in my life, but I am proud to be the  ‘wife’ behind my successful woman.

[Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure I still have all my Y chromosomes.]


~ by Garry on March 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “Behind Every Successful…Man/Woman?”

  1. I am proud of both of you. In the year 2011 I think there are many examples of successful women with a wonderful ‘Y chromosome wife’ behind them. While Kevin definatley has all his Y chromosomes – he is MY wonderful, supportive, hard working wife. There is NO QUESTION that I would be less effective without him….besides the fact that he is my best friend.

  2. Glad to hear that Kevin and I are MEN and can hang still hang out in bars and speak as men do.

    As a male ‘wife’, I find comfort in the likes of this quote:

    “There come times when, momentarily, we can serve as the foundation for somebody else’s faith in him/herself – a faith which is constantly being threatened in all of us. When this happens, we make it possible for him/her to ‘go on’ as well as make the foundation for our own life-preserving self-esteem.”

  3. Thakns for sharing. Great quote.

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