Christopher’s ‘hands-free’ website and career aspirations

Christopher has asked me to alert my many thousands of readers to the fact that he now has his own website. I think he is hoping this may provide a massive boost to the traffic on his site.

So head over to and take a peak – it is a site under construction, and to be honest, has a long way to go, but, hey “the journey of a thousand miles begins…”.

I guess what makes the website special is that it has been fashioned literally without the use of human hands. It is the product of his 14 year old brain and has been designed and constructed on his beloved Mac Book Pro by means of tapping a switch hundreds of times with his head!

Being forced to live in a totally ‘hands-free’ world doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.

BTW, having just completed a compulsory Year 10 Education Plan, Christopher has researched his options, his interests and his abilities/disabilities and concluded that he will leave high school at the end of this year, to pursue training in the VET sector – primarily via TAFE online) with the aim of qualifying to become either a web designer or an IT specialist.


~ by Garry on March 25, 2011.

6 Responses to “Christopher’s ‘hands-free’ website and career aspirations”

  1. Christopher, We are so proud of you and we love you so much.
    Pa & LGG

  2. Way to go Christopher! Excellent website mate.

  3. thanks Donna, I’ll pass this on to him. He is taking all this very seriously, so he will appreciate your comment.

  4. CDH – Fabulous Website! I am so thrilled to have this to show my friends your incredible abilities. We talked about it so much after our trip, 1 year ago, but to be able to show them the video will give everyone a better idea.
    You need to put a ‘Contact Me’ button on your website that maps to your email. That way if sometone is on your site they can make a comment rigth then.
    Kevin is impressed also!
    Much love Leisa and Kevin

  5. Thanks guys, I’ll pass that on. CDH did put a Contact Me button on the About Me page. Do you think it should also be on the home page?
    I like the idea that he is putting up a ‘logo of the week (and of course Apple got the first week!) as his interest in design is growing. I have high hopes for the future as he develops his knowledge of deisgn principles.
    He loved Kevin McCloud’s three fundamentals of design – durability, usefulness, delight and has these up on his wall.

  6. I see the “Contact Me” button now on his “About me” page. Kevin says that usually the contact me button would be in the ‘about me’ section – Kevin says if I stalked more people I would know that 🙂 I need to pick up my game. So – technically – the way it is is correct. The issue lies with an ignorant aunty :).

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