the architecture of happiness

I am currently enjoying Alain de Botton’s ‘The Architecture of Happiness’, published in 2006, which is, as far as I can make out so far, about, well, ‘architecture’ and, you guessed it, ‘happiness’.

My favourite quotes so far:

We may need to have…married the wrong person, pursued an unfulfilling career into middle age, or lost a loved one before architecture can begin to have a perceptible impact on us, for when we speak of being ‘moved’ by a building, we allude to a bitter-sweet feeling of contrast between the noble qualities written into a structure and the sadder, wider reality within which we know them to exist. It is in dialogue with pain that many beautiful things acquire their value.

and, lest we get carried away and lose perspective:

…we are inconveniently vulnerable to the colour of our wallpaper…and our sense of purpose may be derailed by an unfortunate bedspread.


~ by Garry on April 9, 2011.

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