searching for yourself

No, I don’t mean “finding your inner-self” pop-psychology.

Have you ever done a Google search for yourself? Your name?

I suppose if you are John Smith or Mary Jones you might be overwhelmed by the hits Google returns, but, ok, Garry is rarer than Gary, and Hills is not as common as Hill (there are lots of hits for Gary Hill, and, despite letters addressed to me by that name and organisations that have me listed me that way, I am NOT Gary Hill).

I typed ‘Garry Hills’ into Google Australia recently and here is what I found on the first 5 pages – I didn’t bother to go any further:

Google: about 9,560,000 results (0.12 seconds) come on Google! This is not as impressive or helpful as it sounds.

Google: Did you mean Gary Hill? No!

1. Peace Activists of Toowoomba. yep, me, although I’m more passive than active these days.

2. Garry Hills has 477 friends on Facebook. not me. Not even on Facebook anymore. No friends.

3. Garry Hills, ESD Director , William W. Backus Hospital. not me, but I like the sound of it.

4. Garry Hills, longest serving Principal, Ogilvie High School, Tasmania. also not me, thankfully.

5. Garry Hills, Refugee and Asylum Seekers contact, Toowoomba. me.

6. Glen Garry Hills Wind Turbine Farm. !!!

7. Garry Hills, Specialised Building Contractor, Newry. Maybe me in a parallel universe.

8. Garry Hills comment on Donna Mulhearn’s book site “Ordinary Courage”. me.

9. Garry Hills, President, Tasmanian Bridge Association, Inc. not me (card game or river crossing I wonder?)

10. Obituary, West Suffield, Connecticut – passed peacefully. hope that one isn’t me.

11. Garry Hills, Product Support Manager, Hobbytime Industries, USA. also not me.

12. Garry Hills, Head of Wilmington Trust’s office in Las Vegas, Nevada. nope.

13. Garry Hills comments on ABC Radio National ‘Australia Talks’. yep, me, I think.

14. Garry Hills scores in the Western Australian Poker League. hmmm, my secret is out.

15. Garry Hills guest review Straddie Bungalows. yep.

16. Garry Hills, Chair, Catholic Social Justice Commission. me for a couple of years

17. Garry Hills, contact person, Blackwater Country Show, Essex, UK. no, wrong side of the planet

18. Garry Hills, lecturer, Electrical Engineering, Grwp Llandrillo College. this Garry is Welsh, I believe.

19. Garry Hills, NSW Fire Brigade Inspector. nope, not me.

20. Garry Hills is a restaurant reviewer in Perth, WA. no, but sounds like a good gig.

21. (My favourite) Garry Hills is the subject of a spam email from a supposed lawyer, inviting the recipient to respond in order to share in the vast estate of the recently deceased Garry Hills. I have no vast estate, and I’m not dead yet, so don’t reply.

ps. I tried google images and there were lots of faces, none mine, and certainly no compromising pics of me scantily clad. I don’t publish those.


~ by Garry on April 19, 2011.

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