a good shepherd

I have today sent a letter of support and sympathy to Catholic Bishop William Morris of the Toowoomba & Southern QLD diocese.

Bill Morris, a gentle, hard-working and principled church leader has apparently been asked by the Pope to step down. Why? Not because of any misconduct or hint of impropriety, but because his views on the ordination of married priests and, God forbid, women, are seen as dangerously subversive.

I am not Catholic, but it seems to me that the Catholic Church cannot afford to lose good men like this. I had the honour of serving for a number of years on Bishop Morris’s diocesan Social Justice Commission and had the occasional chat with him. I came to respect him greatly.

I don’t know whether to be sad, furious or hopeful that this decision might actually stimulate further debate on issues of faith and practice in a creaking organisation that desperately needs renewal.


~ by Garry on May 2, 2011.

One Response to “a good shepherd”

  1. I am sure Bishop Bill will appreciate your letter. There is a huge amount of support for him in Toowoomba plus hurt and anger. A candlelight vigil procession to support him is moving through the city streets tonight.

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