hot wheels

Christopher’s new Meywalk Walker (Mark 3) has arrived. The boy is happy with it overall, if a bit dubious about the colour.

The old Mark 2 – siezed, bent and corroded – is destined for the metal recyclers after 5 punishing years that included several partial immersions in salt water, being rained on many times, tipped over in the mud, and frequently crashed into various unyielding surfaces.

Farewell Mk 2, and we thank you.
[ps. I wouldn’t put it past Christopher to give me a rude sign, even though he isn’t doing it intentionally in this photo. His fingers just do their own ‘rude’ things.]


~ by Garry on May 6, 2011.

3 Responses to “hot wheels”

  1. Great to see that walker arrived and Christopher being able to walk again…. padding all in place as well! I think he is just ordering 2 drinks if you ask me!!

  2. 2 drinks! LOL. Yes it could be that. I am now using my limited sewing skills to cut and shape a sheepskin cover for the saddle. A little more padding has also been requested for the metal bar under the seat. I find the seatbelt protector sheepskin covers quite useful. You see several of them in use in the pic. They have Velcro edges attached and are good for slipping around metal tubes.

  3. By the credits I see that the utube was assembled by a very dynamic and democratic team. Well done. And yes of course his jesture was not rude but shouting drinks all round for a job well done. Garry I hope you took him up on it.A small Scotch on ice for starters.

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