The Last Day…still waiting

Hmm. A bit disappointing for some, no doubt. Especially those who sold their houses and quit their jobs on the advice of Harold trust-me-I-have-a-direct-line-to-god Camping.

I had the digital camera ready at 6.00pm this evening, May 21 to capture something of the beginning of the apocalypse and…nothing. I even waited until 7.00pm in case God or Camping had a crossed wire relating to daylight saving. But, nothing. Just some nice gentle rain.

Seems like the world has to go on putting up with Mr Camping and his ilk for a while longer. Not so good for the rest of us. Not unless he is willing now to admit he is a fraud and take down his website and give back the money he owes all his foolish benefactors.

Wait. Was that the rumble of an earthquake? Nope.


~ by Garry on May 21, 2011.

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