Not very handy

Imagine that your brain, quite contrary to your wishes, starts commanding the muscles in your hand to contract and make a fist, then relax, rubbing your fingers and thumb over your palm 30 times every minute.

If you can’t imagine it, I suggest you simulate it – do it – for just 15 minutes. Rub your thumb across your fingers and palm 450 times. Then consider doing it hour after hour after hour. Imagine what the friction does to your skin. Add in the effect of hard-edged fingernails

Christopher’s palsied brain keeps giving his muscles such insane commands all the time. I guess we have put hundreds of bandaids on his thumbs and fingers over the years and usually that is enough to keep things under control; but for some reason, not now.

After a couple of sleepless nights, bandaids, bandages, creams, knotted handkerchiefs and cloths, he finally dissolved into sobs of frustration and pain this afternoon, prompting a visit to the pharmacy and the application of paw paw cream, cotton glove, bandage and leather thumb sheath!

He has occasionally suggested amputation!

Here’s hoping for a peaceful night’s sleep for him and for me tonight.


~ by Garry on May 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “Not very handy”

  1. How are the hands now? Hopefully healed. Could there be a longer term splint type option? You post brought tears to my eyes. Hope things are better.

  2. Much better now thanks. A few days of paw paw cream, cotton glove, gauze bandage and leather thumb sheath did the trick. He is back to a tube bandage on the thumb only and seems to be holding up with just that. Not sure what combination of factors exacerbated the long standing problem last week, but I will be better prepared to head it off next time things get worse,
    Thanks for the tears, but he is back to the default ‘happy’ setting!

  3. Have you tried a glove made of wet suit material, a physio would be able to make you one.

  4. interesting suggestion. No had never thought of that? Neoprene rubber would not breathe, though, would it? So would not be a long term solution, but perhaps it might be useful in emergencies?

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