Our Girl at School Camp

I dropped our girl (unbelievably, 13 yrs old as of Saturday) at Bris. Airport on Monday morning for a flight to North Keppel Island (via Ferry from Rockhampton) for a five-day school camp. Activities include reef snorkeling, beach walks, and sailing. I told her I was thrilled that she was going, but that I was a little surprised, given her preference for solitude and home schooling.
I don’t think kids really ever know their parents, but I guess it is equally true that parents don’t know their kids as well as they think.
The four of us had spent the weekend at a hotel at Southbank to celebrate her birthday and be in a position to only have to drive 30 min to the airport on Monday for the 7.15am check-in. Tamara is on night duty all this week, so Christopher and I will head back to BrisVegas on Friday afternoon to pick her up.
The chooks, the fish and the cat miss her (she looks after them all). We miss her too.


~ by Garry on June 21, 2011.

One Response to “Our Girl at School Camp”

  1. Can’t wait to hear of the adventures of Camp on Keppel!

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