blog birthday

This mornng, Sunday, I slept-in until the whiney cat woke me a bit after 8.00am complaining that her breakfast had not yet been served.

Got up, fed the cat, enjoyed a coffee while reading the news on the iPad. Everyone else asleep. Nice quiet time of the day with the house to myself. Beautiful morning after a shower of rain overnight. Wondered what to do with my day off. Decided to do a little mowing and some overdue watertank maintenance. Maybe write a bit, read a bit, watch a movie.

Made some french toast mix (eggs, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg) and fried a couple of pieces of toast. Everybody else awakened by the cooking smells. On with the day.

Nothing in particular to write about this morning, but today is this blog’s 4th birthday, so I promised it I’d write something.

First blog entry was June 26, 2007 just after we moved here. Back then, I called it ‘Reprising Lothlorien’. Changed the name when I moved across to WordPress. I’ve now published 461 posts in 22 categories. Sometimes not sure why I bother, but I guess it must be doing something useful for me or I would have dropped it ages ago?

Anyway…happy birthday, dear blog.


~ by Garry on June 26, 2011.

One Response to “blog birthday”

  1. We love reading your blogs Garry. Happy Birthday Blog.

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