emergency resuscitation anyone?

Tamara has been asked today to take the next big step in her career as an RN. She will pull a shift tomorrow in Emergency Resus. (How do you spell that? Resus? Resusc?)

This is a big vote of confidence in her by senior staff, as she has only been in the Emergency Dept. for 6 months now and there are other nurses on her team who have been there a lot longer and are wondering why they have not been invited to face this challenge, which is essential for advancement.

It must have something to do with the senior nurse’s description of her. What was the word…oh yes, “brilliant” I think it was.


~ by Garry on June 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “emergency resuscitation anyone?”

  1. well done that girl. if i had to be resusated and woke up seeing the beautiful face of tamara hills r.n i would think i had died and gone to heaven with my beautiful angel caring for me. much love to all aunty lesleand uncle colin.

  2. Congratulations Tamara. I agree with Col and Lesle’s comments above.
    We are so proud of you
    LGG & Pa

  3. Nice job……I am not surprised. You are a natural. Maybe if we move back to Australia you can hire me!
    Love Leisa

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