june 2011 rainfall

There was rain in our gauge on only 7 days in June, totalling 34mm. La Nina seems to be all-but dead now. I have taken to measuring the water levels in our tanks again, a custom I maintained religiously since moving here 4 years ago, and only stopped botherng with last July because tanks always seemed to be full to overflowing. Not anymore. Let’s hope we are not embarkng on the next 20 year drought cycle so soon after the last one.
I prefer mud to dust anyday.


~ by Garry on July 1, 2011.

One Response to “june 2011 rainfall”

  1. Here is Toowoomba’s not-so-impressive tally –
    April – 107mm May 58mm
    I have nothing recorded for June so it either did not rain or there was so litte it was not worth recording.

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