Pond Bridge Update

Mission: convert overgrown jungle (which years ago was a garden bed) into a water feature with ramp and bridge suitable for wheelchair/walker, providing access for guests from carpark to Guesthouse.

Photo 1: roped in parents to help clear away vegetation, leaving area clear.

Photo 2: hired Kanga to excavate pond.

Photo 3: removed section of walkway railing and constructed frame for ramp and bridge.

Watch this space in coming days (weeks?) for photos of completed bridge and pond. The pond will be a big job, I think!


~ by Garry on July 8, 2011.

5 Responses to “Pond Bridge Update”

  1. GWL
    Congratulations on your two most recent entries in your Blog.
    Keep working on that side and you may eventually be recognised as a great poet/philosopher/construction engineer and School Teacher. It shows in the third photo of the most recent series, where you seem to be following the
    instructions of that so famous Engineering tutor/ Supervisor seated on the walkway behind you.
    Now the cat is out of the bag about where all the ideas and thoughts come from, it won’t be too long before he insists on more Workplace Health and Safety issues like the wearing of a hat for outdoor work, or even a Hard Hat for construction work!! Heaven Forbid !!

    Love to y’all


  2. Thanks for the update. It is looking great. As usual, we enjoyed being roped in and look forward to more progress pictures.
    LGG & Pa

  3. Yes, the boy is pretty good as an OH & S officer. He has managed to persuade me to wear ear protection when operating power tools, and as you can see I always cover up pretty well these days, even in high summer to protect against the sun. He has some way to go with the matter of the hat, although he makes sure I am wearing one while out on the mower at least.

  4. How will you line the pond? We used 6mm pond liner plastic – that way we could mould it to the excavated shape. How deep will you make it?

    Can’t wait to see progress.


  5. Yes, plastic pond liner. I don’t know of an alternative, as I am certainly not concreting it!
    The pond will be about 5m x 2m and about 30cm deep. I hope to build a decent waterfall. Mum and dad and I hoisted a pile of rocks onto the site a few weeks ago. I have to move more, but I have more than half now of what I think I will need.
    The real trick is going to be levelling the pond edges all round.

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