Cathy and I enjoyed an envigorating rainforest walk yesterday through Kondalilla Falls National Park near Montville.
Winter school holidays are a great time to lace on the walkng shoes, load up the backpacks with healthy snacks, sunblock, insect repellant and water bottles and hit some of the world-class walking trails around about here.
We’ve done the Fig Tree Walk at Booloumba Creek and I think we will tackle the Mapleton Falls walk next.
Some day, we might set aside a few days to do the 58km Great Walk through the Blackall Ranges.
Sad that Christopher will never get to explore some of these places for himself, but we have begun the years-long process of laying paved, graded paths throughout our 5 acres here and planting in lots of trees for him to motor through on his someday powered wheelchair. Not exactly an old-growth rainforest, but a pretty damn good next-best-thing.
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~ by Garry on July 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Kondalilla”

  1. Ahhh – Kindalilla – we remember it well even though it would have been about 37 years ago. We foolishly thought we would pop down the path with you all and view the falls, then come back up for lunch. Of course, it took longer than we thought to ‘pop’. Do you remember Leisa running ahead to come back with a report on what was down the path. I think she travelled three times further than we did. And poor Brad had bandaids on his knees, covering boils. He did not complain once. We all enjoyed lunch after that long trek!

  2. Oops – typo = meant Kondalilla

  3. Yes I do remember that day so long ago. Cat and I did pass a young girl running ahead of her panting family on the trail and it made me think of Leisa displaying vast energy on evening family walks on holidays.

  4. I also remember seeing a man with a prosthetic leg above the knee walking down as we were walking up…and Mum…I can still hear you words of wisdon….”Don’t you ever complain about being too tired to walk…look at that man…and he has a smile on his face. Be thankful that you have two good legs.”

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