Living in a Boeing?

Don’t you love this? Where can I get a decommissioned Boeing?

The story doing the rounds is that the lady who lives here bought the 727 fuselage for $2000 and spent $28000 relocating and renovating it mainly with timber.

Actually, that part of the story is true, but these pictures are not of her home. These are purported to be her converted 727, but are in fact pictures of a luxury suite at the Costa Verde Hotel in Costa Rica. The story about how it was relocated and refurbished and is now available for $500 a night can be found here

Still, I love the idea and can only begin to imagine working on something like this on our property here with Christopher (the aircraft nut that he is), making it wheelchair accessible, opening it to the public on weekends, spending years doing it up, eventually operating it as a B & B…sigh.


~ by Garry on July 12, 2011.

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