Our Chick Magnet

The Chick Magnet

Here you see our little chick(en) magnet trying to enjoy a little peace and quiet while being mobbed by the girls. No, she was not eating a chicken salad.
Their pea-sized brains are big enough to know that it is often worth their while to immediately drop whatever they are doing whenever they catch sight of Catherine and run that dopey stiff-legged run of theirs after her.
They literally follow her wherever she goes and will hang around the back door, dropping bombs on the pavers for me to dodge when pushing the wheelchair, (despite Cathy’s best efforts as a daily mine sweeper) just waiting for her to appear magically from that strange rectangular hole in the wall she disappeared into recently, possibly bringing food with her.
To misquote Mr. Pork Chop in the movie Toy Story, “I despise those chickens”.


~ by Garry on July 20, 2011.

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