And speaking of blog comments…

And speaking of blog comments and the ways people connect these days, I posted last week -see below – about Richard Handl, the Swede who got himself in trouble for brewing up radioactive substances in his kitchen. Blow me down, he came by my blog and left a comment! I was chuffed, so I replied and also went back to his blog and replied there so he wouldn’t miss it. (I guess he knew I had posted about him because I included a link to his blog, and he must have received a ‘ping’.)

While I was on his blog, I scanned through other comments he has been receiving, many of them friendly; but I was stunned by some of the hateful, insulting things people were saying to him, calling him all kinds of names, normally used in bar rooms immediately prior to a brawl.

Which I suppose shouldn’t be surprising. People say things to others in the relative safety and anonymity of cyberspace that they once only said face2face when excessive alcohol had fused their ‘politeness circuits’.


~ by Garry on August 14, 2011.

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