Loving the cat

Like me, our cat, Hermione is getting crankier and fussier as she approaches middle age. (Yes, I know, it is probably a while now since I could be said to be approaching middle age.)

Generally, she is as agreeable as her feline genes will allow; but, like me, she gets a bit snippy when her routine is interrupted, a bit out of sorts when anything is a bit out of place and she has begun to snore more when sleeping.

I complain about her from time to time, but Christopher thinks I secretly love her.

And I have to say that she is generally remarkably patient with Christopher when he is ‘loving’ her, as you see in this pic.

She likes to snooze on the back of the couch, which places her at exactly the right height for him in his wheelchair to stroke her gently with his face! Despite the uneven pressure he brings to bear with his head, almost pushing her off her perch, and despite the little bit of drool that her fur soaks up, she puts up with it, at least for a few minutes at a time.

Hopefully, she will mellow out as she ages and not become a completely grumpy old cat. And hopefully the same applies to me.


~ by Garry on August 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Loving the cat”

  1. She is a beautiful cat. She still looks young. I loved the way she would cuddle up when we were house-sitting. I hope she will still enjoy that next month.

  2. Yes, she’s ok. I don’t really know what ‘middle age’ is for a cat – 7, 8? She is 7.

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