Snake Watch 11 – common tree snake

This is a very ordinary photo I took this morning of a beautiful 1.2 metre snake sunning itself near our back door. I couldn’t get close to take a good pic because it skedaddled as soon as it saw me.

This from the QLD Dept of Environment website: “The common tree snake (Dendrelaphis punctulata) is highly variable in colour and is also known as green tree snake, yellow-bellied or blue-bellied black snake. The body is extremely slender and can be either grey, olive-green, various shades of brown, black, even blue and turquoise. It can inflate its body to show patches of bright blue skin between the body scales when disturbed. The underside is usually cream or yellow or light blue in some individuals. Common tree snakes are found in a variety of habitat types, but are usually seen in eucalypt woodland or rainforest areas. They are active during the day in trees and on the ground, feeding mostly on frogs and birds. They grow to an average length of 1.5m.”


~ by Garry on November 8, 2011.

One Response to “Snake Watch 11 – common tree snake”

  1. We are glad it is a common tree snake. I remember your telling us it is harmless. With a lady dying last week on a small holding, snakes are a frightening prospect. She was bitten while gardening. Taken to Warwick hospital where she was a nurse but did not recover.

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