Christening the new Treetop Bar

Treetop Bar

This corner of our balcony, facing East and South in this part of the valley, is now a place to better appreciate the vista from treetop level.I reclaimed some of the old timber balustrading that we replaced with glass and fashioned some panels (see pic below) that now serve as a bartop. I have given them and the old wine barrel a few coats of marine varnish. A few barstools and, voila a bespoke bar.  

A great place to sit while watching the birdlife in the sunset. (Being in a valley, we enjoy the sunset in the East, watching the evening shadow push the light up and over the ridge.)  
Our guests christened the corner on the weekend, but I was too preoccupied with conversation to take a photograph of actual humans occupying the space.  



~ by Garry on November 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “Christening the new Treetop Bar”

  1. Can just picture you knocking back a couple of ales in the Treetop Bar, Hillsy!

  2. It is indeed a magic spot around sundown to knock back any beverage of choice!

  3. Looks SO inviting. Can’t wait to sample it. I am sure all your guests will love it. LGG

  4. It really is lovely. I enjoyed creating it out of recycled materials (except for the barstools) and when you sit there, there is nothing between you and the valley.
    Looking forward to having you and dad try it out.

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