Today in Torquay #2

Torquay to Urangan

7:00am: Woke Up after an OK night’s sleep…the bar just down the road is a ‘screaming’ success on a warm Saturday night.

Hervey Bay sure is not the quiet backwater it was when I stayed here as a kid. Personally, I blame Mimi MacPherson; although poor Mimi has fallen on lean times of late, recently declaring bankruptcy, I believe. Since 1988, the mega-million-dollar Whale Watching industry kicked off by Mimi and others has brought massive developments to this once-sleepy little seaside village (interesting word that – “development”. Wasn’t it Jimmy Durante who made famous the phrase, “What a revoltin’ development!”)

site approved - 94 units, 2 restaurants!

8:00am: pre-prandial perambulation

Looks like the The Hervey Bay Surf Life Saving Club has its work cut out for it today. Biggest surf I’ve ever seen here this morning.

9:00am post-prandial rest – the first nap of the day.

10:30am Walked 40 minutes to the Hervey Bay Museum and Historical Village in Scarness.

The 3 acre museum is quite interesting. Entry fee: $7.00. After briefly being told of 30,000 years of Indigenous settlement (what is that, 900 generations?), the visitor is introduced to the Hansens and Thomsens and Christiansens and Larssens who took over here from 1865 (5 generations). I bought the official local history book and am enjoying it.

I note in the book that the man who tried to get Torquay underway as a major tourist destination in the 1870’s was also named MacPherson! And he went broke eventually also! More history after I’ve read the book.

5:00pm Walked 20min to Hoolihans Irish Pub for a pint and a light meal.

Culinary choices abound here these days – Irish, Mexican, French, Seafood, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian (you can walk 5 min from anywhere and find another Indian Restaurant). I liked Hoolihans – nice layout, Guinness on tap, signed map of Ireland painted on the ceiling. Authentically Irish…in a relaxed Aussie kind of way – the music was American pop, I ate Bruschetta, and my friendly waiter was Aboriginal. I’m going back there. It was great.

On the wall at Hoolihans: “For every birthday that is celebrated, for every free birthday meal that’s had, we pledge to donate $1 to local charities and make people glad. Hoolihans has currently donated $36,645.” Now that’s a lot of birthdays!


~ by Garry on December 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Today in Torquay #2”

  1. A map of Ireland painted on the ceiling? I’d love to see that. What a creative idea.

  2. yes, I wondered how many people actually look up and see it! I am going to take a picture of it next time I visit there so I can show you

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