Today in Torquay #7

9:00am: A beautiful morning on the Fraser Coast.

11:00am: This is the view back towards Fraser Island from the northern tip of Point Vernon. My dinky little camera can’t resolve the image very well at this distance – you might just be able to make out the kilometres of white sands on the largest sand island in the world.

Fraser Island from Point Vernon

If anything, the smorgasbord of architectural styles along the Point Vernon Esplanade is the worst I’ve seen in Hervey Bay. There are a few quaint and elegant buildings in keeping with the area, but there are also some big, ugly, lumpy brutish buildings which grumpily shout to the world that they cost a fortune when they were built in the last boom…and are for sale now.

Not only that, but at low tide the whole area pongs! A whiff of salty, mangrove can be quite alluring, but it doesn’t take much of the slightly rotten smell to be just too much.

Maybe I am getting tired.

3:00pm: I sat on the beach for a while contemplating life, listening to the gentle lapping of tiny waves on the pristine beach. The vast stretches of sand were almost deserted except for 3 small children paddling happily at the water’s edge with what must have been their grandparents.  Suddenly, the large woman began lecturing her 10ish year-old grandson about how to use her mobile phone. Apparently, it had rung and he had picked it up, not knowing how to answer it. She stood there for ages pushing buttons, obviously trying to return the missed call, then proceeded to lecture the poor kid all over again before waddling back down to the water. Maybe she is expecting a call from Henry Kissinger. Anyway, ruined the mood for me.

5:00pm: I wonder if ‘Walshie’ and ‘Paolo’ are cousins?


8:00pm: One final look back at my apartment block. My waiter this evening was me.

Australis Resort, Torquay - my light shining on the second floor

I leave in the morning. It’s been fun posting Today in Torquay each evening. Thanks for reading.


~ by Garry on December 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Today in Torquay #7”

  1. You have had fun posting Today in Torquay and we have really enjoyed reading your daily postings and photos. Safe trip home.

  2. What you described there of the low tide, whiff of slaty mangrove and rotten smell is how I remember first visiting Hervey Bay – funny how that ‘sticks’ in your mind and you never really ‘take’ to a place…. having said that: I really enjoyed your daily entries.

  3. Yes, but that tang only seems to be too strong for me at Pt Vernon and past the boat harbour at Urangan. I have never felt it between those two.
    Hervey Bay is a curious place really. It seems to be a fishing village that has never quite known what it wants to be when it grows up. I still think those beaches at Scarness and Torquay are sublime if you want beautiful sand and calm waters, but I wouldn’t choose to live there in a pink fit.
    Also, that place Liz and Peter lived in Pialba was so dreadful it would be enough to put anyone off Hervey Bay forever!

  4. Thanks for sharing your week in HB on your blog. The next best thing to spending a week there myself! I enjoyed your writings. Love Leisa

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