The boy’s latest video and mine – ‘one switch’ & ‘priceless’

[NOTE: we have decided to shutdown Christopher’s youtube account following a raid overnight by a massive pack of marauding online trolls who flooded his videos with offensive comments. A new ‘private’ youtube account will be up and running soon. We’ll let you know. ps. While I feel personally sickened by this, Christopher seems quite philosophical about it all, so no harm done, I suppose.]

Check out Christopher’s new video here. It runs 5 minutes and is really the first of Christopher’s videos to be almost wholly conceived, produced, directed and edited by himself. Of course, I did the camera work and typed the subtitles, but that’s about all.

It is amazing to think of all those intricate edits being achieved by tapping a switch with your head!

[This video is still available, as it is on a different site] Check out my new video here. It runs 53 seconds and I made it yesterday for the National Disability Insurance Scheme campaign.







~ by Garry on March 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “The boy’s latest video and mine – ‘one switch’ & ‘priceless’”

  1. Congratulations on a superb video Christopher. That is a beautiful photo of you on the verandah looking straight at the camera.
    I dare not put in writing what I think of the low life who flooded your videos – they do not even warrant a second thought.

  2. A brilliant video and superb achievement Christopher. It also shows your knowledge and love for what you are doing with your studies at the moment. We’re so proud of you.

    In regards to the other crap/cowards and you response to it:
    this really shows that you are that person standing tall on the inside.

    Warm regards,
    O & O

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