Our Apple fanboy has another good moment

Yesterday, Christopher was contacted by Apple Australia to ask if he would be willing to meet with a couple of Apple gurus (Apple calls them ‘VIPs’) who are comng to Australia this month to speak at a couple of conferences. They had requested to meet him!

Christopher mulled it over for about 2 seconds and decided he would grant them an audience. He and I will travel to the Gold Coast to the Spectronics conference on May 21 to spend an hour or two with these visitors.

The main response Christopher has been getting from the tech world (and I do mean ‘world’) has to do with their respect for what he accomplishes using a head switch with a high-end Apple video editing program called Final Cut Pro that he bought with Christmas and birthday money last year.

For example, a video production company in London has been sending him some of their short video clips from sporting events and tutoring him in some of the more sophisticated editing techniques they employ using Final Cut. A guy named Anthony over there has been providing Christopher some very useful training, free of charge. All because he saw one of Christopher’s recent youtube videos. Brilliant.

My video editing skills have helped bring Christopher this far, but I’m afraid all I can contribute now is advice on matters of style, timing, framing, etc. I am no expert on Final Cut Pro.

He is excited and rightly so.

Here is a link to his latest Intersection video, his series exploring the nexus between technology and disability.



~ by Garry on May 4, 2012.

5 Responses to “Our Apple fanboy has another good moment”

  1. Wow !!! Congratulations Christopher. Gary you must be thrilled. The door has opened to a whole world for Christopher. His talent, hard work and enthusiastic personality are being recognised. Well done … you both deserve this … it is so inspiring to have news like this !

  2. Thank you Vicky. I only just saw this comment. You are very kind. Hope you are doing ok. How is that business venture of yours? Still a possibility?

  3. Wow! How did this meeting go?

    • Hi Jules, yeah it went really well thanks. Full marks to the 2 gurus he met. They were switched on – smart, respectful, interacting with him on a good level. You know how you would fear that your child might meet a hero and be disillusioned or disappointed? That was my fear, but he had a VERY good day. And more importantly he now has an ongoing contact with Apple Australia that may well prove useful as time goes by. 🙂

  4. Glad the meeting went so well. Sounds like some good contacts for the future 🙂

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