Can a writer be a blogger as well?

Answer: many can; but this one can’t.

Writers who write about writing write that a writer is nothing more nor less than someone who writes. Regularly. Daily.

And I want to be a writer. More than that. I believe I need to write; or at least, I need to be able to say that I have made a decent attempt at it. Whether or not my scribbling will ever result in publication is beside the point. Not very far removed from the point, I’ll own; but, beside it nonetheless. If my writing is going to amount to anything, I will need to keep at it on a daily basis for a very long time.

For the past 6 or 7 weeks, I have been getting up an hour earlier each morning to spend some time writing. I have not had the time or the energy for blogging. Writing is taking what little I have to give. So now I am announcing to all my readers that this blog is going into mothballs for a time. Incidentally, next week marks this blog’s 5th anniversary. I have posted 555 times. It has been good and I hope someday to return.

Until then…


~ by Garry on June 2, 2012.

10 Responses to “Can a writer be a blogger as well?”

  1. Get your point Garry – we have enjoyed ‘popping into’ your blog from time to time and will certainly miss it.
    But having said that: we look forward to reading your writings!

  2. thanks for that, but don’t hold your breath. If anything comes of this, it probably won’t be for years! 🙂

  3. We really enjoyed your blogs and will miss them. Good luck with your writing. If that is enjoyable and satisfying for you, go for it.
    LGG & Pa

  4. I too will miss your blog but i am THRILLED to hear you want to write and are dedicating your energies to that – even if for a short time. You may reconsider blogging when you are in the UK – just to keep us all informed.

  5. Last post from Leisa… to go out with your blog with a bang!

  6. I believe if a writer is dedicating their time to their daily lives and routines and spending most or any of their free time writing, they probably won’t have time to blog. However, if a writer has a different strategy for how they write, I think it is possible to run a blog as well. Perhaps not a particularly active blog, but a live one all the same.

  7. Just popping by Garry and see that you are taking a break from your blog. Great that you are pursuing “writing writing” some more. I look forward to reading your work … and collaborations with Catherine too!

  8. Thanks Jules. Yes beavering away each day, even if only for an hour or so. Riding the emotional rollercoster of serious writing. 🙂 I read a comment by Alain de Botton the other day – arguably a ‘successful’ writer and certainly someone whose books I enjoy. He was asked what advice he had for would-be writers and he said, ‘Don’t do it! It’s a nightmare!’ Hmm, encouraging.

  9. Maybe Alain just doesn’t want to share the joy of writing around too much. Ha!

  10. Ha, yes, he must have been a bit grump that day! I can say that it is taxing at all kinds of levels to persist with serious writing and I have faced some personal demons as a result of what bubbles up to the surface while you’re dredging about in your subconscious and memory. Plus it is just mostly a tedious slog. However, I’m still slogging away. I now have ‘an idea’, an outline and a first draft of chapter one after about 6 months of this – about an hour every day plus thinking time. At this rate there are still a few years of it ahead; but I have to say I also feel good that I have at least begun to get somewhere. x

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