tree fern ICU

Just until the worst of the heat passes – hopefully soon.

sunburned tree fern

Of course, a sunburned tree fern is nothing compared to bushfire disasters across the country. We routinely support the local bush fire brigade and our hearts go out to those affected by fire.

Fortunately, at the moment, despite the shocking dry heat, our local threat is pegged only at ‘very high’. We have ‘severe’ and ‘extreme’ to go through before we have to contemplate ‘catastrophic’. Still, very high is not as good as ‘moderate’ or ‘low’ as it normally is in our usually wet summers.


~ by Garry on January 12, 2013.

4 Responses to “tree fern ICU”

  1. Is that the one by the pond outside the guest house. If so, it is a real ‘Mrs Packer’ . I hope it continues to be thankful.

  2. no, it’s the one near the driveway. I transplanted it last winter and had hoped that a nice wet summer would help it get used to its new aspect, which is sunnier. But of course had no idea how devastating this summer was going to be.

  3. is that a beach umbrella? How is it attached?…or is it just sitting on top of the tree fern?

  4. No, just an ordinary umbrella. Well, let’s see. A star picket is tied to the trunk with black stocking and then the shaft of the umbrella is tied to the star picket with more black stocking. Highly technical.

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