There Are Little People Inside My Head: Novel-In-Progress

Today, I was able to summon the courage to hand Tamara, TOPITWRMNIP  (The-Only-Person-In-The-World-Reading-My-Novel-In-Progress), the Prologue and Chapters 1 and 2 of my NIP (Novel-In-Progress). Chapter 3 is about half done. I am aiming for 20 chapters in about 300 pages.

Some Bloke (Not Me) Writing A Novel

I started this project in earnest last June, so, what’s that? 12,000 words in almost 10 months. Hmm. At this rate, should be ready for it to be rejected by a publisher by June 2019.

Oh well, it is helping to keep me out of mischief.

And I am meeting all kinds of interesting new people – none of them real, of course. They populate a fictional Australian town named Carlyon and they come to greet me each morning at 6:00am and we spend time together for an hour or so; although, annoyingly, they began bothering me at around 3:00 this morning. You may have noticed that I am blogging about writing, rather than actually writing. As the Americans so quaintly put it: my bad.


~ by Garry on March 18, 2013.

3 Responses to “There Are Little People Inside My Head: Novel-In-Progress”

  1. Look forward to a good read in 6+ years.
    Mum and Dad

  2. I look forward to a good read too!
    I am conjuring up a bit of a story in my head too. Unpacking the Heritage Wall photos reminds me of some of the stories of our forefathers and foremothers (is that a word??) than would surely make a good novel. I am reading a story called ‘A Good American’ about generations of a family who now live in Missouri but have German immigrant blood. Not sure that ‘A Good Aussie’ really fits as a title for my initial thoughts.

  3. interesting you should say that Leisa. There is a strong generational dynamic in my story, dating back to a retired sea captain whose homestead, built in the 1850’s is now a central ‘character’ in the story. I have plotted a fictional family tree to see just how my main character came to be what he is and how his forefathers shaped his damaged life. Now, how well I am doing it is another matter! 🙂

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