Command and Control Centre

Christopher turned 17 a couple of months ago. If not for his quadriplegia, we probably would have looked around for a small used car to give him to mark the occasion. As he will never drive a car (unless Google can perfect its self-driving car anytime in the foreseeable future), we opted for a new computer of equivalent value to help set him up in his ambition to pursue video post-production as a career.

He was sorely tempted by the new Mac Pro, soon to be released; but chose – sensibly in my view – to settle for a top-of-the-line iMac and some additional bits and pieces – hard drives, displays, etc.

It arrived yesterday.

To his great delight, I spent most of the afternoon and evening cleaning and refurbishing his desk – inspired a little bit by the flight deck of the Airbus A380 – and setting things just right so he could take his new ‘car’ for a test drive. Here he is running it up to full speed this morning. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about him driving it into a tree.

taking the new rig for a test drive

taking the new rig for a test drive


~ by Garry on August 27, 2013.

4 Responses to “Command and Control Centre”

  1. We are most impressed Christopher. You know how little we know in the field of technology, but sounds from Dad’s comments that you have made a very good choice.
    Much more fun than a car too – washing, polishing, cost of running. I am sure you will enjoy this new ‘iMacMobile’.
    Sending love
    Granny and Pa

  2. Happy birthday Christopher! It only seems like yesterday that I was reading you Dr Suess books in the lounge room at Long Street. Enjoy your new mac set-up.

  3. Christopher, both Lesle and I wish you all the very best with your new machine. Very impressive! We are sure that you will have much more joy with it than with any old car, and with the cost of fuel going up all the time we are sure that with the time you spend piloting your new acquisition it will be cheaper to run than a car.
    Cripes mate it seems like no time at all since Long St.,
    All the best AL and Cool Col.

  4. Belated happy 17th birthday to Christopher. Very impressed with his new ‘car’. Hope he’s enjoying it – no doubt he’s covered many miles in it already.

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