my mobile writer’s studio

2014 New Year’s resolution…what, nearly three months ago?

I aim to add 20 pages per month this year to my so-slowly-developing novel manuscript. This should see a stack of about 300-350 pages out of an expected 400 or so by the end of December.

In order to achieve this (and I’m happy to report to all my loyal blog followers that I have managed, in the 10 or so weeks of 2014 thus far to add about 45 pages) I peck away at the keyboard each morning for about 45 minutes before other duties beckon, plus…drum roll…, thanks to a recent change in Tamara’s work roster, I AM NOW ABLE TO SET ASIDE ONE DAY A WEEK TO GET AWAY AND WRITE!

Here you see my new mobile writer’s studio, equipped with: comfortable seats, music-on-demand, BYO food and drinks, a nice place to lie down and nap after lunch (ie., the backseat), surprisingly private ambience (OK, being a head-turning classic auto, it is sometimes not totally private), and mobility, which allows for a change of scenery when inspiration is needed. You can see two of my favourite studio locations – Moffat Beach, Caloundra and Mary Cairncross Park, Maleny.




Throw in a MacBook Air (10 hour battery life) and a personal internet hotspot via my iPhone for those moments when a spot of research is needed, and a pair of boardies and good walking shoes for post-nap exercise, and I think we have a winner.

Oh, and one more thing to make this scenario perfect. Tamara is tasked to interrogate me after each day in ‘the studio’ to ascertain just how many new pages were completed, and why,  god forbid, the number is so pitifully small. (Yesterday, I think I achieved about 4 pages, BUT (and any would-be writer will empathise here) I achieved a small, but significant break-through in resolving a plot dilemma.

I LOVE the Impala – a gorgeous, glossy black throwback to 1967 – and she is now doubling beautifully as my mobile writer’s studio.


~ by Garry on March 15, 2014.

6 Responses to “my mobile writer’s studio”

  1. ……………………………………LOOKSURY – great set up. Hope you lock the doors when you are napping (fusspot mother).

  2. That is so cool!! Just as well you are being held accountable or you may be tempted to just drive and nap. Perhaps your next novel could be about a writer who drives around the countryside in a black Impala? Hope your new studio is providing you with plenty of opportunity and inspiration to write and resolve plot dilemmas. Great to read your little snippets of progress.

  3. Not a bad idea, Julie. Any excuse to go for a drive. 🙂 Seriously though it could make a good magazine article. I do get some interesting comments and attract some interesting people! How are the chooks? The feathered ones and the kids?

  4. Hey Garry! Just thought I’d check in and see if I’d missed anything on your blog and found I had, in fact, missed your comment. I would like to read your magazine article if you ever decide to write it 🙂 Our chooks are good. One has taken to laying a massive pile of eggs under our verandah. I was planning to leave them in the hope she’d sit on them and we’d get lots of chickens … but apparently she may be a breed that doesn’t often get broody. So, it looks like the next step is to pull up a board from the verandah! The kids are going good … both still obsessed with Lego. These days it is a particular interest in Lego Ninjago. I am currently reading The Magic Faraway Tree series to Eddy and would be very interested in any recommendations you have of books to read to under 10s (even though that is a few years ago for you now). Hope all is well with you.

  5. Hi Julie…hmm, if I recall, when ours were under 10, we visited Hogwarts, Narnia and Middle Earth, not to mention that little House on the Prairie. Sometimes we solved mysteries with the Secret Seven and the Famous Five. I think we had a failed journey with the Railway Children. We went on the Children’s Crusade, and once had a go at Voyaging to Venus. There must have been others, but, as you say, it was a few years ago now. Yes, we are well, thanks. Christopher has just turned 18, so now has his own online bank account, ABN and registered business name – Switched-On Video Editing. Catherine is in Yr 11 and discovering a passion for Legal Studies. Perhaps we will have a lawyer in the family someday; then I’ll have to stop telling lawyer jokes. Like “What do you call 200 lawyers at the bottom of Sydney Harbour? A good start.” 🙂 Anyway, cheerio!

  6. What fantastic journeys you went on! I must admit I have snuck ahead to find out what is happening in the next chapters a couple of times after Eddy has gone to bed, especially when we were reading Arthur Ransome’s Swallows & Amazons series (which Stuart & I serendipitously both loved as kids). What a great foundation of creativity and imagination you were able to build with your children … now finding their own independence and creating their own adventures! Thanks for sharing some of the books you read together – I’m going to make a note of them 🙂

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