‘farewell starwagon and we thank you’

mitsubishiWell, after almost 10 years of faithful service, our wheelchair-ramp-equipped 1994 Mitsubishi Starwagon suffered a catastrophic engine failure last week, tearing many of its own vital engine parts to shreds following the loss of the timing belt just as Tamara drove it into our driveway.

The RACQ towed it free-of-charge to an RACQ-approved mechanic in Beerwah who delivered the verdict that repairs would involve removing the engine and installing a reconditioned motor, costing close to $4,000.

Tamara has a job interview next week at Nambour hospital and we are anticipating the need for her to get to work there and back regularly, safely and reliably in the new year. So…we have decided not to risk further complications with our beloved van. The old clunker was due for rego and insurance in 2 weeks, so we have decided it will be scrapped and we will just bide our time until towards the end of the year when we will consider our options.

Personally, I like the fact that little commuters like the KIA Rio and the Hyundai Getz come with a 5 year warranty these days and I guess that is where we will start looking.


~ by Garry on August 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “‘farewell starwagon and we thank you’”

  1. Want to buy a Citroen C4……

  2. While it is a sad day to say farewell to a good and faithful servant…..amazing it blew up in your drive-way and that you hadn’t just paid a year of rego and insurance!!! A little SMART-CAR (efficient, clean emissions) might be the way to go for a second vehicle. Love Leisa

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